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Writer/Director: Benjamin Wilt

Director of Photography: Nicholas Matthews 

Camera: CANON 5D MARK ii & 7D

This was actually a very fun project to work on...not my typical working style and that really added a level of enjoyment to the project. Every year I produce a teaser commercial for a non-profit organization here in the CIncinnati area and due to economic constraints, they were forced to make some serious budget cuts and this project was one of the victims. They still wanted something creative but just didn't have the funding to shoot as we had in the past with a RED MX package and all the lovely lighting/grip equipment. Nicholas and I talked it over and decided that the best approach with this budget would be to use the DSLR cameras. I also decided to make this more of a trailer which gave us some freedom to work a little more loose without storyboarding everything. Oddly enough, there happens to be a castle (loveland castle) in the Cincinnati area and that served as a wonderful backdrop. I rented the (plastic) suit of armor from a costume rental company in LA and purchased all other props. The sword serves as a nice addition to my office :-)

I wouldn't recommend this production approach for all projects but it worked nicely for this one and we were able to deliver something that really pleased the client. 


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