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  My love and passion has always been for that of story telling. While young, I spent countless hours reading novels and watching classic films. The art of filmmaking quickly became that of special interest and having been influenced by many of the early great filmmakers, I realized that this was something I wanted to pursue. Since then, filmmaking/story-telling has become something of an obsession. I jumped in headfirst and began experimenting with short films and eventually worked my way into commercial production where I now make my living. The commercials have proven to be a great training ground for my filmmaking dreams.

I've won many industry awards for the companies and organizations that I've had of the privilege of working for and in the process, I've been able to develop great relationships with fantastic filmmakers ready to add immense creativity and professional quality to all productions we tackle. 

However clichéd it may sound, whether it's a film, commercial, music video or corporate piece, I want everything I produce to simply be great storytelling!  

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