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Writer/Director: Benjamin Wilt

Director of Photography: Nicholas Matthews 

Camera: ARRI Alexa

This was one of those projects that didn't necessarily allow me to stretch my creative wings per se but I'm proud of the final commercial none the less. Reason being, I was asked to create a commercial that would help promote the museum and they've been extremely happy with the approach I decided to take as it's really helped in their marketing efforts.

Admittedly, when first approached, my first thoughts jumped to all these creative, narrative driven ideas we could do but after probing a bit deeper into what they really wanted, it was obvious to me that they wanted something a little more on the nose. Something that would showcase the beauty and detail of their museum. So, after deciding upon a script, I spoke with my cinematographer and we decided that the Alexa would be a nice camera for this project. As you can imagine, the Alexa certainly delivered and was a wonderful piece of equipment to work with on this particular commercial. 

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