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Writer/Director: Benjamin Wilt

Director of Photography: Nicholas Matthews 

Camera: RED EPIC

I wrote and directed this teaser for a non-profit organization near Cincinnati, OH. I had previously directed a commercial for them to promote the Creation Museum and this project came as a direct result of the success of the previous commercial.  Once I understood their target audience and marketing desires, I realized they wanted something that had an almost Disney kind of feel.  Something that would appeal to parent's and their children. I also noticed they will be using the character of Noah quite heavily within their park when it's completed and saw an opportunity to create something that would set him up as their future mascot. Being that it was a teaser, I didn't want to reveal too much but rather just hint at what people may see within the attraction. 

Despite the rather tight budget, it was truly a lot of fun to work on this project. I really wanted shafts of light coming thru the windows so after talking it over with my DP, we decided that we'd really like to use the Mole Richardson Molebeam Projectors. Unfortunately, the rental houses in Cincinnati didn't have any so we went directly to Mole Richardson and they were kind enough to ship the units directly to us. The set was constructed based on our specifications by the exhibit design team of the Ark Encounter project which was nice because that certainly saved some costs. I went back and forth on which camera we would use for this project but ultimately decided upon the RED EPIC. I'm no camera guru nor do I want to be but I've always liked the warmth that I'd been able to get with the RED MX and I really wanted to see how the EPIC's obviously a great camera and we're quite happy with the final result and most importantly, the Ark Encounter folks are quite pleased and it's already proven helpful in their fundraising efforts. At the end of the day, that's my greatest hope when working on a commercial project. 

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